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Nikki On Top

Nikki Brand & Zille: How they met and how they fucked, the very first time! Nikki chains submissive Zille on her back and rides her mouth and strap-on to one noisy orgasm after another!

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Mina & Natalie: BFFEs do D/s Finale

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Penny & Lena: Ass Fuck #2

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Darkplay.net is the original beautiful explicit and erotic hardcore lesbian BDSM and fetish Adult site created by Zille Defeu in July 2000. It chronicles the adventures of her and her friends, lovers, and play-partners, along with the many other sex- and fetish- and BDSM-loving real lesbians who have appeared on darkPlay.net over the years. On this site you can see Real Lesbians and all sorts of queer women wearing latex and leather - or stark naked! - playing with bondage and discipline, female domination and submission, sadomasochism or just plain fucking, fisting, flogging, enjoying oral sex, anal sex and almost every other kind of sex!

Darkplay.net - Still crazy after all these years!

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X-muse: Extravagant Sexuality

WARNING: This Site contains artistic, erotic, and "pornographic" nudity, depictions of extreme sexual and sado-masochistic activity (whee!) between consenting adults, and explicit sexual and fetish imagery.

It is only intended for adults over the age of 18 only.

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What Others say about darkPlay:

Carnalia.com says:
"Not only is DarkPlay one of the rare sites featuring genuine lesbian erotica, it's also one the best amateur porn sites online! The stars and creators of DarkPlay are into all manner of kinky indulgences including role-play, fisting, rope bondage, flogging, boot worship and more! ... The photography is beautiful and most sets are accompanied by well-written narratives which lend substantial insight to the images. With about 10,000 high-quality exclusive pics and a couple more galleries added weekly, there's plenty of content to keep you entertained. Still not convinced? Well, members also get free access to the excellent Cyberdyke Network..."

The SF Bay Guardian says:
"Unlike the vast majority of "lesbian" porn on the Web, DarkPlay and the other sites in CyberDyke feature real dykes having real(ly) hot sex. Ideas for shoots often arise from the couple's own diverse sexual repertoire, making the site feel like an intimate journal of their naughty adventures." ...

Including high-quality hardcore, fetish, and BDSM photos, streaming videos, and scintillating narratives, DarkPlay's dyke-on-dyke content is exceptionally creative and wickedly kinky... Authentically salacious, DarkPlay is nothing like the typically faked, cheesy lesploitation generally propagated on the Web. (Indeed, the scene described above, at the end of which Zille performs cunnilingus on her butch partner, clearly demonstrates their commitment to pushing the boundaries – butch bush is rarely seen in any porn, lesbian or mainstream.)"

The Texas Triangle Online says:
" [Darkplay] is designed around an ethic and aesthetic mostly absent in its hetero counterparts. There are no pop-ups, no hidden fees, minimal banners, and your name is never sold. Cyber-dyke is more than a business; it's a contribution to a cause, specifically, "that women can make their own sites and then get the protection and support of a larger business like a protective umbrella over them while not stifling their creativity... "

The Spectator said:
"There's a great art photo site called darkplay.net, by two luscious lesbians into some dark toys —knives, wax, fetish, BDSM. You have to be a member to see a lot of the good stuff, but the site offers some light finger snacks for crashers. Photo galleries include XXX sex, BDSM, and fetish, and the girls' bios are a fun read in that each one tells about the other. Romance and kink, and have no fear, it's a down-and-dirty, woman-on-woman exposé, what more could you want?"

Jane's Guide said:
"[W]e initially reviewed this site back in it's infancy. We loved it then, and I'm happy to say it's only gotten better. DarkPlay brings you into the world of a real-life lesbian couple ... a goth, kinky, polyamorous duo with all sorts of darkly erotic creativity (hence the name of the site). Guests are treated to a good overview of what is at the site, but members of course get the good stuff. It seems as if they've tried just about everything - knifeplay, fisting, foot worship and milk baths. The photography is top-notch and both are talented with a pen (or keyboard) as well ... and when you buy DarkPlay you have access to a few other [CyberDyke] sites as well. Check out the info on the site for a current list of participants. -- Jane"

On Our Backs said:
"Darkplay is dedicated to lesbian BDSM, fetishism, and hard-core porn. Unlike other sites, real dykes created Darkplay and are featured in its pages... Those with a craving to see real lesbians who like to play rough will not be disappointed by Darkplay."

Our female members say:
"Finally, a porn site I can legitimately enjoy! You gals rock! I have been looking at tons of web porn for like 3-4yrs and have never run into anything this great... Since my gf and I just recently got seriously into spanking and such, maybe I just wasn't looking for the right kinds of sites before? Duh. That's probably what we get for being two pervy dykes in Indiana. I Dunno. But I've also seen a lot of print and video porn, including dyke-made, but this is the best I've seen. It's intelligent, interesting, good quality, made by lezzies, AND hot as hell! Everything I've been looking for in a porn site w/out all the stupid misspelled crap and ugly hairdos and fake lesbian 'action'. The narratives are a great touch. It really adds to the pictorials. Have y'all considered releasing XXX or fetish videos? As I'm sure y'all well know, there's a real market for (good quality) lezzie-made stuff these days. Might be worth considering. Regardless, this is GREAT! Thanks ladies :)

Your very enthralled new member,
     E— "

"Found this site and I've fallen in love. This is like, the best ever lesbian fetish site ever, and I've scoured the net for good ones. You guys seem real and down to earth, not to mention wickedly creative and hot! ^_^ This will certainly help out my girlfriend and I, give us ideas and all that, and turn us on. Thanks so much for making this great site! You rock so much!

Much love!

"Okay, so I post entirely too much about how amazing the CyberDyke sites are.
But I'm going to say so again.
I'm floored by the sheer variety and the endless creativity these women have. Where most pornography and even most sensual, nice erotica is hopelessly formulaic, their stuff --- isn't.
I was just drooling over the latest set on DarkPlay the other day, which is really hot, high-octane, and hardcore. Then today I wandered over to Sappho's Girls and the latest update was ... a naked woman, with light playing over her body. It was beautiful. How many porn sites will offer you close ups of a woman's eyes in with the pictures of boobs?
I'm just consistently floored by CyDy and the way they, well, get it. Whether I'm looking at explicit and obvious or something subtle, it all works. Not that I like every shoot all the time ... but ... just yay.
I know that several feminists I know worry that trying to do this at all is wrongheaded, but I say they're doing something right. REALLY right.

"I just became member as of yesterday.. and I LOVE your site! I'm a girl from a very small town in M— and well you guys do all the things I wish I could. Its great to see someone fulfilling all of my fantasies...and your site is so true to format. Not many ads (or ads that don't pertain too the sites true meaning)either I like that also. I would love to be a model for you two beautiful ladies...but I don't have the "guts" for that … you girl's are great at it!! I wish I had your strength.

Lots of love,

Words we live by at darkPlay:

'Natural' is a very dangerous word to use about sexuality - not just lesbian, but all sexual relationships. If what people do in bed together encompasses the true spectrum of humankind, then sex is as much about hugging as it is about ... being spanked on a Naugahyde couch. Our society's notions of normality are completely fake and meta-trendy, since they rely on the changing standards of superstition, religion, Christianity and gender bias to define themselves. Americans, in particular, exhibit very childish reactions to sexual practices that are new to them, much like little kids who are offered a vegetable they haven't seen before: 'That's disgusting!' 'But darling, you haven't even tried it!' 'I don't care, I hate it, I hate it!' "
~ Nothing But The Girl, Ed. Susie Bright and Jill Posner

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